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RE3 Institute

What is RE³ Institute?

The purpose of the RE³ Institute is to provide theological and Biblical training in order to better equip the Redeemer Church family in knowing the one true God and His Word. The training will typically be provided through online courses offered from reputable seminaries and organizations. It may also be through courses that Redeemer Church creates and offers online or in-person.


Are there any prerequisites to participate?

Outside of being connected with the Redeemer Church family, nope! There is no need to be a seminary student or a learned theologian. For the majority of the courses, the only prerequisite is to have a desire to be equipped. That's it.


How formalized is this training?

The majority of the courses will be conducted in cohorts (i.e. online or in person). Cohorts provide each participant the benefit of interacting with and learning from others in the group. Most courses will not have any tests or quizzes and no grades. However, there will be discussion questions for participants and course moderators both to answer. In some cases, participants could qualify for Continuing Education credit for the course.


What is the time commitment?

Time commitments will vary depending on the course content. In some cases, an individual course unit may only take about an hour to complete. For each, the pace of the course can be determined by the moderator(s) which could either increase or decrease the time commitment needed to complete the course. The goal is not to speedily get through the material nor to burden people with more on their "to do" list. The goal is to learn and grow in God's truth at a reasonable pace.


How to start?

Courses will be offered throughout the year and registration will be announced well in advance before a course begins. For all cohort style courses, those who register must be invited into the cohort. In the future, it is anticipated that RE³ Institute will expand to offer other training possibilities (e.g. in-person, self-study). As this occurs, there should be more flexibility in how to participate in this training.

We are currently going through the Old Testament Narrative Books! Join Below!


Want an example of what this may look like?

Watch the video below about Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's For The Church Institute.

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