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A Year in The Bible

At Redeemer BFC, we value God's Word as Truth.
To help us connect more deeply with the Bible, our church is reading the whole Bible together - 365 key chapters from Genesis to Revelation.

Find the reading plan for the whole year for review or printing, then read and answer the questions for this week below!

this week's questions

February 26 - Deuteronomy 30: In the 16 times we read "the LORD your God", what were the people called to do and/or what would God do?
February 27 - Deuteronomy 32: Four times we read of "the Rock" - who is He, what does He do, why is He mentioned? (v. 15,18,30-31)
February 28 - Deuteronomy 34: Think about Moses' encounter with God in Exodus 3. How has his life changed? What is his relationship with God now? (v. 10-12)
March 1 - Joshua 1: Why was Joshua told to be "strong and courageous"? What was happening? Why did he need this reminder? (v. 6,7,9,18)
March 2 - Joshua 2: How do you see God's grace, sovereignty, power, and protection throughout this chapter?
March 3 - Joshua 3: What is the significance of the parting of the Jordan river, in light of God's miraculous work in Exodus 14?

Reading Plan

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