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A Year in The Bible

At Redeemer BFC, we value God's Word as Truth.
To help us connect more deeply with the Bible, our church is reading the whole Bible together - 365 key chapters from Genesis to Revelation.

Find the reading plan for the whole year for review or printing, then read and answer the questions for this week below!

this week's questions

June 10 - Proverbs 6: Read v. 16-19. Be it subtle or not, is there something in these that you must ask God for forgiveness and His grace to overcome?
June 11 - Proverbs 7: What should we take great care to do to fight against the allure of temptation, especially sexual temptation (v. 1-5)?
June 12 - Proverbs 8: How is Wisdom described? What does Wisdom do? Who ultimately is being described (especially in v. 35-36)?
June 13 - Proverbs 9: What are the differences between Wisdom and Folly? What are the results of following one or the other?
June 14 - Proverbs 31: Wives/Mothers, where is God forming you like the women described here? Husbands, how can you honor your wife to be faithful in how God has called her?
June 15 - Ecclesiastes 3: What things in your life show that you were made for eternity? How does knowing this bring you hope in your day to day living? 
June 16 - Ecclesiastes 12: What does the Preacher say should be our purpose in life? How does that shape your daily living?

Reading Plan

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